Tribal Fish stocking on October 11, 2018

Extended growth walleye fingerling minnows were added to the Sugarbush lakes this fall. The goal was to add 5 fish per acre.

Here’s the results for the lakes: 130 pounds Middle Sugarbush, 82 pounds Upper Sugarbush, 90 pounds Lower Sugarbush. The Crew Leader Lisle Chapman and crew members Jerry Shaman and Hunter Mayo loaded the fish and transported them to access points on the lakes.

Director Larry Wawronowicz wanted to make a point to thank the Sugarbush Lake Association members and supporters for their generous contributions to the Minnow food fund.

Brian Salzmann described the process for “counting” the minnows for each lake. The average weight of fish is determined and the approximate number of fish per pound is calculated. The number of pounds required to achieve the goal of five fish per acre is calculated. A container with water is placed on a scale and weighed, and fish are added until the required number of pounds is present. Then those fish are placed in a separate container on the truck for delivery to the lake.


Almost 9 inches long already!






August 2017 Fish Hatchery tour and conclusion of the Money for Minnows fund raising.

August marked the successful conclusion of the Sugarbush Lakes Association fund raiser “Money for Minnows”. The purpose was to help the Fish Hatchery pay for some of the cost of minnows used to feed the extended growth walleye raised at the hatchery.  A total of $1015 was contributed during this short fund-raising effort, exceeding our goal of $500.  We presented a check to Larry Wawronowicz of the Lac du Flambeau Tribal Natural Resources Department during the Hatchery tour on August 9.

During the tour, Larry provided background on the formation of the Reservation, the lakes, water quality, and the history of hatcheries at Lac du Flambeau. Our eyes were opened to the complexity of raising fish from eggs and all the factors which need to go right for successful reproduction. We walked around the ponds and learned how water, food and fish are managed on this new facility.  Larry stressed that visitors, and their questions, are welcome at the hatchery.

Check presentation

Viewing the rearing ponds

Larry describes how to release water from the ponds